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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

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FOHRID has been forwarding initiative for institutional capacity building of FOHRID and its network for systematic intervention on the issues already commenced, just commenced and planned activities. FOHRID has been working to strengthen the capacity of its local level partners and the loose networks such as Citizen's Task Force to Combat Impunity and National Protection Working Group (NPWG) (Visit for details). Likewise, it has plans to develop credible human resources, promote volunteerism for democracy, peace and respect to human rights and to set up a human rights library / resource center in Kathmandu. FOHRID is facing difficulty in its program implementation due to compulsion to work in a rented house. Therefore, it has plan to build or purchase its own building in the future.

ToT on protection and promotion of economic, social and cultural rights
A "ToT on protection and promotion of economic, social and cultural rights : ratification and implementation of Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR)" was organized by FOHRID from 21 to 24 September 2012 in Kathmandu. Basically designed for full 2 days, it was implemented dividing into 4 half days considering the availability of experts and participants. Total 25 participants including university students, human rights defenders, representatives of human rights organizations and experts attended the program. This program was used as a forum for piloting to finalize the Toolkit for action prepared by FOHRID.

Objectives of the program was 1. To encourage state and non-state actors to make the state fulfill the obligations created by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; 2. To guide the stakeholders on the need to reform national mechanism to receive complaint regarding violation of economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights for protection and promotion of these rights and establish access of victims of these rights to justice; 3. To enhance awareness and capacity building of target groups and beneficiaries to use the OP-ICESCR; 4. To promote public advocacy for ratification/accession of the OP-ICESCR.

The first session of the ToT refreshed the participants on the meaning, definition and characteristics of human rights. The second session was on the ICESCR and its monitoring mechanism, rights protected by the Covenant, state obligations and justiciability of the ESC rights. Third session was on the procedures and mechanisms of OP-ICESCR, process for adoption and ratification, and competence of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to receive and consider communications against states party. The fourth session was about necessity to ratify OP-ICESCR by Nepal and advantages for state parties by ratifying and implementing the Optional Protocol. It challenges the myths about the justiciability of the ESC rights and provides resource materials for ratification and domestication of the OP-ICESCR. The fifth session comprises of the information, practical knowledge and framework to work in collaboration with government authority and representatives, national human rights institutions, civil society and media for lobbying and advocacy at the national level aimed at ratification of the OP-ICESCR. Similarly, knowledge on information, resource materials and model useful for advocacy aimed at ratification and implementation of OP-ICESCR was also discussed. group work was conducted on various issues such as the advantages and disadvantages, needs and rational of ratification.


Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity Building Workshop on Initiative for Protection and Promotion of ESC Rights was held from 13 to 15 May 2012 in Kathmandu. Objective of the workshop was "Capacity building of project team and FOHRID executive committee to execute Initiative for Protection and Promotion of ESC Rights being implemented by FOHRID in cooperation with KIOS, The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights. The workshop was conducted for three days dividing into three different themes. The theme for the first day was Framework of ICESCR and OP-ICESCR. On second day, the participants discussed on the basic features of the project including its background, objectives, expected results, activities, target groups / stakeholders, coordination with government line agencies / civil society, identify relevant academic resource materials, budget headings and allocated amounts etc. On third day, discussion was made on the methodology and tools of Implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the project.

For further information regarding above programmes and information, please contact:
Advocate Raj Kumar Siwakoti
Secretary General

FOHRID Human Rights and Democratic Forum
Mailing Address: GPO Box: 19186, Kathmandu, Nepal
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