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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

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Major achievements of FOHRID in the past 3 years include development of an organization with knowledge and skills as well as the development of a membership representing the resources and work on impunity, rule of law, transitional justice, democracy, human rights related humanitarian concerns; an identity of a national level non-governmental organization; an advocate for rule of law, international criminal justice system transitional justice, democracy, peace and human rights with focus on diversity, fundamental rights and freedom; development of quality in work; and Linkage with national and international organizations and resources.

FOHRID was successful to draft and recommend Bill Relating to Prohibition of Impunity, 2007 with the aim to combat impunity in Nepal. Though this Bill is not passed form the parliament till now, it has drawn encouraging acclamation from the target groups. It has been instrumental to initiate discourse in law drafting process and is likely to add a new dimension in the criminal justice system and judicial administration of Nepal. This was indeed an innovative practice. This achievement has succeeded to draft the Bill challenging the opinions that such a law does not exist in the world. This activity has helped capacity building of FOHRID to formulate new legislation, study laps and gaps in the existing law and prepare agenda for law reform in the future. This has also enhanced knowledge and capacity of FOHRID for domestication of Rome Statute.

A consensus has been built up among stakeholders that impunity should be addressed from the policy level by formulating a specific law. Stakeholders of all sectors have started raising strong voice from their level to punish the perpetrators. A wave to include ending impunity as an agenda within the political party has been seen. The decision of the Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party to adopt the issue of impunity as the agenda of the Party can be taken as an example.

National level Citizen's Task Force to Combat Impunity (CTCI) has been formed involving representatives from the human rights community and civil society. It has taken initiation to exert pressure for punishment against perpetrators. Formation of a permanent CTCI at the national level with participation of organizational and individual representatives has created feeling of ownership to this body among them. Total 213 members representing human rights sector and civil society are involved in the CTCI. Wider involvement of the stakeholders has ensured sustainability of this mechanism. The functioning of the CTCI is found contextual to combat impunity. It is mobilized to conduct the activities such as protest, demonstration, lobbying and sit-in programs to meet the goal of intervention to curb impunity in Nepal.

FOHRID has prepared long term action plan to combat impunity. It has identified issues and areas for systematic intervention against impunity. Similarly, separate action plans have been formulated for ratification and implementation of Rome Statute and OPT-CAT. In this way, formulation of these action plans is important achievement of FOHRID. The human rights and civil society in Nepal have actively contributed in the formulation of these documents and they have been utilizing them. These documents have outlined a framework to move the non government sectors ahead. Outcome of this activity has brought the like-minded organizations and individuals together. It has generated a benchmark for FOHRID and identified priority sectors for concerted efforts of other organizations to launch new programmes. This action plan can also work as a tool of coordination to minus both area-wise and issue-wise gaps, overlaps and duplications for effective intervention in the future.

The stakeholders such as law enforcing agencies including judiciary have been using FOHRID publications including International Instruments Developed Against Impunity and International Criminal Court: An Introduction as resource materials. Two publications on impunity brought out by FOHIRD have been prescribed as reference books in the curriculum of Victimology by the Department of Victimology, Faculty of Law, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. The Office of the Attorney General used these publications as resource materials in its training entitled "Role of government attorneys to control impunity" for the government attorneys. In this way, the representatives of target groups and the participants of the project events have been utilizing project produced materials to obtain theoretical knowledge on impunity. Hence, the theoretical knowledge on impunity, based on international practice, disseminated to the target groups is one of the major outcomes of the efforts of FOHRID.

Programs organized under the theme of transitional justice of FOHRID has laid expected impact on the target groups. The target groups have received knowledge on how, where and in which agency to raise their issues if the government forms TRC. Though they agree for reconciliation, they demand that the perpetrators should be punished appropriately. The target groups covered by this program have been sensitive in the issue and problem of transitional justice. They are prepared to get maximum benefits from the relief programs of the government. This program has enabled the target groups involved in different activities to express and claim their rights with the government. This program played facilitating and consultative role for advocacy on the issues of conflict victims at the policy level. Efforts of the program have sensitized policy makers to address the issues of the conflict victims. They expressed commitment to prepare TRC Bill according to the needs, expectations and demand of the victims in the programs organized by FOHRID.


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