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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

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FOHRID Human Rights and Democratic Forum was established in 2058 Bhadra 20 (05 September 2001). It is a non-government, non-profit making including tax exempted, non-political, independent, public interest organization. It has been registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu with Regd. No 185/058-059 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council, Government of Nepal on 9 November 2003 (BS 2060/5/25) with the affiliation no. 15269.

FOHRID has been working in close association with national and international non-governmental organizations. Economists, political scientists, advocates, senior human rights defenders, anthropologists, researchers, development experts are involved in this organization.

Office of FOHRID was established in June 2002. Contribution of the members and membership fee collection was the source of financing in the beginning. By this time, FOHRID has won the trust of various donor agencies and has been receiving funding in specific projects. The organization needs more funding to work in the areas and issues complying with its mission and vision. FOHRID has the strategy to develop project concepts in the sectors of its concern and implement them by mobilizing local resources as well as with the assistance from donor agencies.

FOHRID has been working in the theme of impunity and rule of law, human rights (in general), transitional justice, democratic governance and democratic reform, conflict resolution and peace-building, and capacity building of non-state actors including FOHRID and its network. FOHRID conducts its activities with the initiatives of the rights holders in the right based approach.

Numbers of NGOs are working in Nepal but there are some burning issues still remaining to be addressed and intervened. Addressing impunity and rule of law, human rights (in general), transitional justice, democratic governance and democratic reform, conflict resolution and peace-building, and capacity building of non-state actors as well as information dissemination and implementation of the commitments of Government of Nepal in the UN and other international and regional forums is still at large. Rights based approach and knowledge based approach to empower the under privileged and deprived people is necessary. For instance, Nepal has entered into WTO but the general public are still unaware of its implications and impact of globalization. Senior human rights defender and Ex Member of UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Mr. Nutan Thapaliya, who has furnished invaluable guidance to this organization, pointed out the need of an organization to work for the people with praxis approach.


Press Release

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