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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

5 Year Plan (from 2013-2017) PDF Print E-mail

S.N. Theme Overall Objectives Specific Area / Issues Covered Methodology / Tool
1 Impunity and rule of law Combating impunity for the promotion of accountability, and strengthening rule of law.
  • Enable non-state actors to combat impunity so as to strengthen rule of law.
  • Organize, enable and further concerted efforts of rights-holders seeking accountability.
  • Prevent torture and impunity, and work for criminalizing disappearance and torture as well as replace existing Torture Compensation Act, 1996 and work for formulating and enforcement of new Bill on the Prohibition of Torture in line with the Convention Against Torture (CAT), and build public campaign for accession into optional protocol of CAT and it's domestication in Nepal.
  • Push for Implementation of impunity related verdicts of the Supreme Court.
  • Ensure access to justice and file cases (FIR/PIL) on behalf of victims.
  • Deal with past violence and prosecute perpetrators/emblematic cases of human rights violation.
  • Work for formulating new legislation against impunity and amendment of existing laws that encourage impunity, along with reform in criminal justice and penal system in Nepal.
  • Carry out sensitization on international human rights instruments including Convention Against Torture (CAT) and it's optional protocol (OPT-CAT), Convention Against Enforced Disappearance, Rome Statute of International Criminal Court (ICC), and reform & formulate new legislation accordingly.
  • Build public campaign for accession into Rome Statute and it's domestication in Nepal
  • Combat child recruitment in armed groups and impunity.
  • Address equal representation of women in the Judiciary.
  • Mapping
  • Research/study
  • Networking
  • Workshop
  • Sensitization on regulatory framework
  • ToT/training
  • Civic campaign
  • Legal service
  • Legislation drafting
  • Resource material publication.
  • Dissemination and advocacy
  • Recommendation/lobbying
2. Transitional Justice Enabling victims to claim and express their rights through Transitional Justice mechanisms.
  • Document human rights and humanitarian law violations during armed conflict, including cases of disappearances.
  • Work for dealing with the past and build public consensus on prosecution for serious human rights violations.
  • Identify actual needs of the victims, build their capacity and promote reconciliation engaging victims and non-state actors.
  • Push for having a national policy on reparation and reconciliation.
  • Advocate for establishing credible transitional justice mechanisms, such as TRC and Commission on Disappearance.
  • Documentation, publication/dissemination
  • Research/study
  • ToT/workshop/training
  • Civil commission practices
  • Dissemination/advocacy
  • Recommendation/lobbying
3. Human Rights (HR) Promotion and Protection of HR
  • HR Education for students and grassroots level people.
  • Training on different themes to Human Rights Defenders.
  • Initiative to address economic, social and cultural rights in the post conflict situation of Nepal
  • Research on application/implementation status of Six Core Conventions, with special focus on ICCPR and ICESCR.
  • Preparation and submission of Shadow Report/Alternative Report to UN Treaty Bodies.
  • Training on HR reporting and publication of HR Reporting Manual for Reporting on Six Core Conventions.
  • Publication and dissemination of information regarding Shadow Report, Concluding Comment and State Report on Six Core Conventions as well as monitoring their implementation at domestic level.
  • Information dissemination and implementation of the commitments of Nepal government in the UN and international forums.
  • Advocacy and initiative for empowerment and protection of vulnerable groups with right based approach in development and knowledge based approach in their upliftment.
  • Addressing equal property ownership of women in Nepal.
  • Research/study
  • Publication / dissemination
  • Workshop/training
  • Advocacy/education
  • Interaction / focus group discussion
  • Networking
  • Fact finding/ monitoring
  • Legal service
  • ToT
  • Develop training manual and resource materials
  • Recommendation/ Lobbying
4. Democracy Strengthening democratic process and culture through institutional capacity building at all levels
  • Work for constructive engagement in constitution drafting process, raise and recommend concerns of civil society with CA members.
  • Sensitize people on the issues of democratic reform and institutionalize inclusive democratic practice.
  • Carry out research, advocacy on federal democratic judiciary system.
  • Launch programs for reform and restructuring mainstream political parties which are the lifeline of inclusive democracy and strengthening of democratic norms.
  • Work for political party reform agenda.
  • Carry out civic education on genuine democratic system.
  • Voters' education and election observation.
  • Anti-corruption campaign.
  • Advocacy for good governance.
  • Research/study
  • Publication/ dissemination
  • Interaction/focus group discussion
  • Lobbying
  • Training, seminar, conference
  • Workshop
  • ToT
  • Civic education
  • Monitoring/ observation
5. Peace-building Promoting peace through sustained mechanisms
  • Form public opinion and consensus in favour of peace, social harmony, unity in diversity and co-existence.
  • Organize peace campaign.
  • Promote bottom up reconciliation for sustainable peace through empowerment of victims and non-state local actors.
  • Organize training programmes for capacity building at the local level for conflict management.
  • Organize conferences on the issue of conflict management at the international, regional (South Asia) and national level.
  • Advocacy
  • ToT
  • Research / study
  • Publication / dissemination
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Conference
  • Develop training tool kit
6. Institutional / capacity building Enhance institutional infrastructure and capacity building of FOHRID and its network
  • Strengthen National Protection Working Group (NPWG).
  • Strengthen Citizen's Task Force to Combat Impunity.
  • Develop credible human resources.
  • Promote volunteerism for democracy, peace and respect to human rights.
  • Set up a human rights library/resource center in Kathmandu
  • Develop adequate infrastructure, including building and others for FOHRID.
  • Fund raising
  • Set up focal point and secretariat
  • ToT
  • Scholarship & Grant from donors
  • Institutional and individual contribution
  • Contribution from FOHRID members
7. Humanitarian assistance To provide humanitarian assistance for needy people who are at risk
  • Provide assistance to the victims of conflict such as single women and orphans.
  • Ensure emergency assistance.
  • Fund raising
  • Volunteer mobilization
  • Distribution of assistance.



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